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    Haffner said:
    Sancho said:
    even though I'm not a huge fan of Robbo's thin guitar tone. 
    Wait, what now?

    I was curious about that as well. I thought Robbo sounded his usual, LP-playing self. I did notice the production was at times stupidly thin...which is likely what he meant.

    Well, no, I really meant Robbo's tone. I do think his tone is thin and trebly. Not necessarily a bad thing, that's part of what made Jimmy Page so distinctive, but I find it a bit lightweight and scratchy in the context of Motörhead.  
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    TravisW said:
    That's the problem I have with the whole works. Bill Ward is a massive part of the classic Sabbath sound, and that lack of acknowledgement has been bugging me for years. I guess with him out of the picture, aside from "The Devil You Know", I pretty much was done with Sabbath stuff after the late 90's reunion. 

    Wow you held on longer than I did. I rejected the "Last Supper" (thought it was a money-grubbing, hackneyed mess with a bad singer). To me the last good album (that was Black Sabbath) before Devil You Know was Cross Purposes. The last great one was Mob Rules (and yes, I think Born Again and all the other 80s albums + Dehumanizer are all very, very good).

    I just finished rewatching Romero's Land of the Dead. Though it's not the first three, it's still a fine movie...and knocks the living yee-haw out of the Romero dead flicks that followed. It's too bad imo GR didn't do an actual sequel to Land of the Dead, because I happened to like the characters. Maybe someday someone else will take up the slack,