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  • R. Lee Ermey Dead At 74

    Full Metal Jacket was a great if weird movie to me, it seemed to change after what was for me a brilliant first chapter into something obviously less inspired imo. However, both Ermey and D'onfrio were incredible in that film. Ermey also stole the show in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboots imo, in fact I feel those movies were worth watching  because he was in them (though Jessica Biel certainly didn't hurt the eyes).

    As I get (certifiably) old, I've been moving away from commenting on dead strangers (plus completely through with celebrating dead stranger's past birth and death days), However, I'll never forget Ermey's acting, he was a real standout imo

    . RIP

  • What are you listening to at this very moment?

    "One Night at Budokan", I've heard lots of people who believe they know this stuff claim it's too doctored with many overdubs, that it doesn't capture the bands live energy and la di da.
    The same thing people says about "Rainbow On Stage" and "Deep Purple Made In Europe", two other fave live albums of mine.

    Well, I was 18-19 years old when I bought it, I loved it to death, played it a lot, and I still love it, "Courvoisier Concerto/Lost Horizon" are just awesome on that album.

  • BluGuitar Amp1

    I incidentally came across this today as well, and thought it might be of interest to people here: