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  • Steve Morse may not be able to finish Deep Purple's Tour

    Jay G said:
    This was an internet hoax article from last year.  It also went on to talk about how he was so desirable to women. 
    Except for the 75 million bit, I would almost say that's my life to a T. At least that's what I tell my wife. 
  • What are you listening to at this very moment?

    Victory-Culture KIlled The Native...always loved that record. Herman Frank and Tommy Newton rip on that album...but more importantly its got great songs and a great singer

    Just ordered and picked this up at my local record store. This album is really good. The production is fantastic and Vivian's tone and playing are killer. The lead tone reminds me of John do some of the solos themselves at times. I think the songs on this album are great. Rob Lamothe's voice has held up well and his melodies are exceptional. Might be my favorite release so far this year.