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  • Jan Akkerman at 71

    As a previous winner, Jan played a short set at the SENA European guitar awards.   Some delightful Jazzy chops here from my guitar hero at 71 years old !!

  • Folks, I would like to ask you...

    the best part for me was simply DISCOVERING it.  maybe 2/3 of the players in the alchemy were my most direct influences as a kid, and i found this site about the same time Nickelback, Linkin Park, etc, were doing their damndest to shit all over guitar based rock.  an added bonus was a rediscovery of Michael Schenker, whom i had not listened to for years.  indeed, i never listened to MSG at ALL.  another plus was some of the ongoing gear discussion, which helped me identify some weaknesses in my live sound.  i was using these Ibanez superstrats then, with too many effects, in a failing effort to cover as many bases as possible in my band. i ended up basically paring my rig down to a Flying V and a 50w Marshall top, which i stuck with until i stopped playing live rock n roll.  that rig actually helped me land a lucrative gig that i kept for a few years.  it sounded as big as a barn.  i play electric blues and classic r&b exclusively now, but i'm still a dino at heart.  btw, my original handle on this site was Aeolius Pi.  Dave rules!