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    Been wanting a nice bass for a while. I was hoping to come up with some cool bass lines and write some stuff on bass for my band. I narrowed it down to a few basses and decided this was the best bang for the buck. I got 3 year no interest financing at Sweetwater so the payments are low. It's a Fender Player Plus Active Precision Bass. I Always wanted a P-Bass and with the features it had it was a better deal than the cheapest USA model. Active(18v) and Passive electronics, 3 band EQ, high mass bridge and a PJ set up. I also love the Cosmic Jade finish. I have been impressed with much of the MIM Fender guitars and basses in the last 5 or so years and the fit and finish on this bass is really nice.  Also my band currently does not have a bass player so I want to start jamming at rehearsal on bass sometimes to finally hear what our new songs sound like with bass. I also financed a Hartke LH500 Head and a SansAmp VT DI/Preamp. I have a Hartke Hydrive 410 on the way. I have been wanting a full bass rig for a long time. Eventually I would like to play bass in another project.

    Also please excuse my messy unmade bed.....
  • The Writing On The Wall: new Iron Maiden song

    The long atmospheric/acoustic intros and outros get irritating. And has anyone tried playing Stratego through at 1.25 speed?
    Classic Maiden again!
    And the bass - it's so "clicky". Which might fit with the theory of shot hearing - nobody involved can hear the higher frequencies. I can relate - tinnitus and loss of high frequency hearing in one ear. Really frustrating. 
  • Jeff Scott Soto - "Don't Let It End" ft. Dino Jelusick & Howie Simon - Official Music Video

    I remember the visitations of Howie  :o Chatted to him a fair bit, good lad at the start, but sadly and very quickly he did use this forum as a one way street, good player but he is a just an Yngwie Clone, Fred handed him his arse on a plate during their time together in Talisman for sure.