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  • The old girl's in the shop. Found out something new.

    This old guitar still delivers a kind of sonic mojo that is beyond my other great-sounding guitars. And it's hard to put a finger on exactly what it is. She did come back sounding a bit hotter and a bit more biting. At her age, it could be menopause. It's wonderful. 

    I call the old LP the wife and the newer LP the mistressThe mistress is hotter, weighs much less, and has an overt, visual sex-appeal. The wife has the girth, the fat ass, and more character

    I'm in the process of demoing various guitars for a bunch upcoming tracks I still have to record, and while I'm not going to feature the wife on every track, I know there are at least TWO where she will have her chance to shine, and she'll STILL deliver a quality all the others just don't get. 
  • The old girl's in the shop. Found out something new.

    Yes, Marc.  The idea with tapering pots is that they work gradually throughout the sweep range.

    Here is the redone job.

  • Another tease

    This is another song the singer had the original idea for, but I rearranged to make it into a song.  Also a nowhere near done ROUGH mix. Still a SCRATCH vocal from the demo which will be replaced. Also, this has no mastering compression yet either.   But the guitar bass and drum tracks are the real takes.

    Ridiculously cool lead guitar tone and a super catchy song. A little 70s Ramones-y...that's a compliment.