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  • NGD...

    Shred alert...

    I wanted to get something as a 50th birthday present to myself... I started out with an Ibanez AZ Prestige (wouldn't stay in tune), but then I managed to find this little gem, which is a lot more my kind of thing!  \m/

    Ibanez Prestige RGR652 AHB-WK. Limited edition - they stopped making the trem version in 2019.

    Ash body with flat black, raw finish, ebony fingerboard, 5 piece Wizard neck, reverse headstock, Edge trem, Dimarzio Fusion humbuckers (and no middle pickup/tripwire).

    Maybe it's the ash body and the raw finish but it has a load more bite and resonance than a typical basswood Ibanez. And Holy mother of Dio, it plays great!

    I flipped my old RG a few years back because I needed the money - but this one is something I really want to hang on to!

    Now I have a good reason to play more and make some music :grin: 

  • Gates of Babylon solo

    Obviously a masterpiece,  the way he finds licks that seem to match every complex chord change, perfectly,  probably after many takes. No wonder he didnt want to risk playing it live!

    David Stone who wrote the middle section, is a Facebook friend of mine and has explained how he drew out a chart for the changes and was paid a fee for doing so, rather than be credited as a co writer.  Classic Bruce Payne (Ritchie's manager) rip off!

    Anyone had any joy improvising, navigating, etc this one? There's sections where you can improvise over eg Cminor, before there s some demonic chord change or chromatic inversion. Then there's the descending F# Minor sequence, again,  manageable......then that classic RB lick over the B7.

    In between however I haven't a clue, any thoughts?
  • My "Try another Ceramic Pickup Endeavor" Is Over.

    Not related to pickups but I recommend checking out the JHS youtube channel where Josh lays to rest a lot of pedal  myths.  Josh talks about a lot of different pedal makers and compares them and gives out honest information.