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  • Covid-19 DRG Virtual Video hang-out

    It was nice to see you guys in a different context. No technical glitches, it's amazing.
     Eduardo, no worries, I can write and read English, but a spoken conversation requires an awful lot of concentration for me, and there are things I just don't understand (it depends on people's accents) but it works in spite of that. 
  • Maple vs Rosewood fretboards (and Ebony if you will) for Dino Rock

    I've got all three. I don't suppose that any of them really make a noticeable difference to my sound or technique. Maple has always been my favourite for superstrats, it just feels like it works better with Floyds, pinch harmonics and such. Nothing looks cooler than a beat-up maple board either! (thanks Eddie)
    I really like the feel of ebony, it's just a bit "classier", but it has to be pitch black. I don't like the look of that swirly bowling-ball patterned stuff at all!
    One other thing - Maple boards on any fixed or thru-neck guitar are just plain wrong! =)